You have probably heard that there are several different types of psychotherapy in Austria.

Many people struggle with the question of which method is ideal for them, when they think about starting treatment.


My work follows the psychoanalytical theory and includes two types of setting:


The first is Psychoanalysis, a method concentrating on making subconscious acting and relationship patterns accessible and understandable. Associative incursions are discussed and brought in connection with internal conflicts.

Hence step by step a better understanding of the internal world is developed. This enables an evolution and change of the personality structure and thereby of the psychological complaints.

Psychoanalytically orientated psychotherapy

The second type of setting is called psychoanalytically orientated psychotherapy. It varies in setting an indication and can be effective for various forms of psychological problems and people from different age or cultural groups.

The differences between psychoanalytical forms of therapy and others often appear to be complex and hard to grasp. This is why I offer non binding first interviews that allow to ‘experience’ the method.

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